Oct / Nov 2014 Issue

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Welcome to the first issue of Wanderlust: Expat Life + Style in Thailand. We are so excited to present this debut edition.

The theme of our October / November 2014 issue is change and transitions. Change is an experience known by everyone, but it is especially familiar for expatriates who frequently uproot, adjust, and adapt to new countries. And, once settled into a new place, it isn’t long before the whole cycle starts again. Change is the only constant is the title of one of our feature articles about making the most of transitions, and it is a truth that resonates with anyone who has experienced the expat lifestyle.


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[tab title=”Fashion & Style”]

  • “Outfit of the Day” – Pretty in Purple & Gorgeous in Black
  • “Shopaholic” – Fashion in a flash and where to shop
  • “The List” – Forget-them-not Bag Essentials

[tab title=”Health & Sports”]

  • “Tropical Fruit Smoothie” – A delicious recipe to power you up and cool you down
  • “Into the Swing of Things” – Busting golf myths and a video feature about the Bangkok Golf Centre

[tab title=”Well-Being”]

  • “Return to the Body” – The benefits of Qi Gong for mind, body, and soul during times of change
  • “Invisible Luggage” – Archiving the past and moving on
  • “Change: The Only Constant” – Will you be the heroine of your life’s story?


[tab title=”Travel & Living”]

  • “Moving Pets to Thailand” – A vet’s advice on what to do for a smooth transition
  • “Exploring the Markets of Phuket” – Get to know your local markets
  • “Keep Your Cool in Thailand” – Avoiding faux pas & angry taxi drivers!
  • “Destination Thailand” – A recent transplant from South Africa writes
  • “All Over the World” – Third Culture Kids: Culturally rich or poor?
  • “Wanderlist: 9 Challenges of Life in Bangkok” – Survey results are in!


[tab title=”Book Review”]

  • “A Year in Chiang Mai” – Is this expat memoir worth a read?


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